Casino Scouts
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Powerful Location Awareness

Casino Scouts maintains location awareness through overlapping methods: GPS and Geolocation Fencing, Whitelisted WIFI Network Detection and LE Bluetooth Micro-location Beacons.


powerful location awareness



the widest RING of location awareness

Casino Scouts uses the mobile phone's GPS services, combined with geofencing defined by the casino operator, to maintain awareness of when customers are near the casino, when they've arrived on property, how long they stay in the area, and when they leave.

This gives us the opportunity to let a valued customer know that, if they happen to be driving towards the exit nearest the casino, and it happens to be around lunchtime, that we've got a seat waiting for them in their favorite quick service restaurant.



property-wide verification the customer is onsite

The Casino Scouts platform can identify activity across whitelisted and secure WIFI networks. This gives us reasonable assurance that the customer is onsite, without a precise location.




place-specific beacons for location aware trigger based marketing

Low energy bluetooth beacons are used to allow the system to precisely understand when the customer has been in or near an area of specific interest to the marketing team, and use that information for location specific trigger based marketing.

Depending on the beacons used, location accuracy can be measured within inches.


a grid of beacons for wayfinding

We also deploy a grid of low energy bluetooth beacons across the property. This gives us the location data necessary to use lateralization, to perform precise wayfinding from location to location within the casino.