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Casino Scouts "One Night Story"

A scenario based example of Casino Scouts use cases, from the perspective of a Customer, Marketing Manager and the system, itself.


a night in the life


The beating heart of the Casino Scouts platform is its customer type and location-aware triggers.


Customers can install and frictionlessly interact with the casino through a native Android or iOS app, frictionlessly. Creating a Casino Scouts profile, or logging in with Facebook account allows access to more of the system, and improves the relevance and quality of engagements.

Casino Marketing can create and manage triggers which based on schedule, customer type, and most importantly, based on location, in real-time. These triggers, once activated, can engage the customer in ways familiar to the avid casino player, and marketing team members.



Communicate with the customer through SMS, Push Notifications and In-App Messaging

I've got a real-time trigger which is activated when a customer approaches the freeway exit around dinnertime, on nights when I'm trying to drive traffic. Check and Check. Sent the SMS.
It's around 7:00 PM on a Wednesday night, and you're a mile from the exit to the casino. Your phone gets an SMS suggesting that you don't really want to cook tonight, and to come visit the casino's Mediterranean restaurant, voted best of 2016, 2017 and 2018.


Send an offer based on customer type, and immediately actionable because we know when and where the customer is best able to take advantage of it, improving the offer's perceived value and response rate

  • Casino Scouts distributed offers have tremendous flexibility, allowing marketing to associate images and HTML formatted text, to make the offer look great.
  • Offers can be associated with a player offer specific barcode value, uploaded to Casino Scouts. The Casino Scouts app will encode that player specific barcode value to Code 39 or QR Codes, as needed, so that they can be redeemed at point of sale systems equipped with scanners.
I've got a real-time trigger that activates if I find a Customer associated with Customer Type: Poker Player, who is on property in the Restaurant and Retail area, between 4:00 PM and 9:00 PM. Check, Check and Check. I send the Customer an SMS.
I'm finishing dinner and I get another SMS from Casino Scouts. I'm invited to a free 10:00 PM poker tournament on a first-come, first-served. That sounds awesome to me, a poker player, so I'm going to go now and sign up. Score!


Triggered Invitations to Events and Tournaments

Invite the customer to events that have a high likelihood of response, because we can make the invitation with immediacy; the difference between, "Hey, would you like to see a movie, right now?" and "Hey, would you like to see a movie, maybe sometime this month?". Offers created and distributed by Casino Scouts are extremely flexible, and can be configured with optional features, such as:

  • Blocks. Add blocks to limit the maximum availability of an offer during a period of time. Adding a Block to an offer, lets operators turn a general "Offer" into an "Event"!
  • Fully Customizable Metadata. Add metadata elements like, "Round 1 Score", "Round 2 Score" and "Round 3 Score" and turn your general "Event" into a "Tournament". Now the Events team can enter and maintain a historical record of scores throughout the Tournament! All transactional data is retained and is reportable, giving the Events team an easy way to print and post results.
I show up at the tournament location right after dinner, to register for the tournament.
Customer walks up and shows me his text message invitation. I log onto Casino Scouts on the web portal and select tonight's event and make sure there's still room for him .. and there is. I update his status from Available to Registered.
Another registered player at the 10:00 PM poker tournament. Check. Reducing the number of available seats by one.


Credit Rewards to one or more wallets configured by Casino Marketing, on the Casino Scouts platform.

  • Casinos can define any number of Reward Wallets they need, and customize the Reward Wallet's name, and define the type of value it holds, e.g.,
    • "Points" (Whole number values),
    • "Dollars" (Decimal values displayed with a dollar sign), or
    • "Game Credits" (Decimal values displayed without a dollar sign).
  • Reward Wallet balances can be adjusted by activation of a Trigger, or manually by an employee.
I've got almost two hours to kill before the poker tournament starts. I'll play my favorite video poker game while I wait. I'll use the Casino Scouts app to order a big salty margarita. Tonight is going to be awesome.
I see a Customer is trying to order a drink. He's in the service area of the main casino bar, so I'm showing him the main casino bar menu, and putting his favorite drinks at the top of the menu, so he doesn't have to search for what he really wants.
I see an order for a Salty Margarita on my iPad, where the Casino Scouts drink orders come up, filtered for my bar. I make the drink, tap it as complete, and give it to the cocktail server to deliver.
I receive and enjoy my Margarita and after an hour, I'm up forty bucks!


Create, Manage and Reward Customer Achievements

  • Casinos can define their own Achievements by giving them a name, description and an image associated with the Achievement.
  • The conditions to unlock the Achievement are configured in and fulfilled by the Trigger Engine, as Achievements are a configurable outcome of a Trigger.
Marketing configured an achievement called, "Junior Poker Fan", conditioned on spending 100 hours in the video poker area. They also associated a Push Notification to the triggered condition, letting the Customer know then unlocked the Junior Poker Fan Achievement. Lastly, they associated a 500 Reward Wallet Point Adjustment with the trigger. I have been tracking this Customer, and at 9:00 PM, he hit his 100 hour requirement, so I sent him a Push Notification, Unlocked the "Junior Poker Fan" Achievement and adjusted his Reward Wallet Point Balance by +500.
I just got a push notification saying I'm a Junior Poker Fan? I check Achievements and see that I've spent 100 hours in the video poker area and that I should have received 500 points. I check my Reward Wallets and sure enough, I've got 500 Reward Points.
I see in the Game Portal that there's a Poker Game that I'm interested in that unlocks for 400 Reward Points. Tonight. Is. Amazing. I can unlock that game and play it when I get home tonight. Late. Very Late.