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Project Status and Videos

Click here to get an update on the status of the project. Watch an overview video of the features and functionality of the Casino Scouts platform as it will be released in Q4 of 2018. Also, check out a video on the current status of the mobile app and web portal in pre-development (Current as of April 11, 2018)

Status & Pre-Alpha preview

Status of the Casino Scouts Platform Development

  • We previewed Alpha Release of the Casino Scouts platform at the North American Indian Gaming convention in Las Vegas, in Meeting Room 5 on the Expo floor, May 19-20, 2018 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

  • The Beta release of the Casino Scouts platform is expected to be deployed internally in August, and is currently ON TARGET.

  • Beta testing of the Casino Scouts platform will be conducted externally in Q3, 2018.

  • We expect to release the Casino Scouts platform to the market in Q4, 2018.

Casino Scouts Videos

Feature Walkthrough

This video provides an overview of what the Casino Scouts platform does for casino customers and casino operators. It describes the primary features and functions of the first version of the platform that will go to market in Q4, 2018.

Pre-Alpha Mobile App and Web Portal Walkthrough

This video walks through the current state of the mobile app used by customers, and the web portal used by casino marketing. We will update the video as we make significant releases of new features and functions to the Casino Scouts platform, to allow key stakeholders to understand where we are in development, and to help understand the product as we make progress. Many of the current UI elements are "development user interfaces", and not the final user interfaces.