Casino Scouts
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Trigger Based Marketing and Engagement

Casino Scouts provides an easy to implement, cloud-based B2C mobile marketing and engagement solution for the casino gaming industry.

always on engagement

casino scouts real-time, location-aware, trigger based marketing solution proactively engages customers when, where and how it's most effective.

You're great at what you do.

Marketing isn't magic. It's hard work. From Acquisition Marketing to Customer Service, Loyalty Marketing and Player Development, the strongest organizations have teams in place to introduce, engage and extend the relationship between customer and casino.

Our team has decades of experience managing and operating casino operations and marketing. We know there's no substitute for experienced and effective team members. We also know that there's a limit to what our people can accomplish in a day. Our most valuable segments of customers are managed and developed by our top host talent. The next tiers of high value customers are served by marketing and operations, who recognize and reward these players through, promotions and events and customer service staff, supported by great card-based loyalty marketing systems.

There's opportunity to do more.

There is a gap. Every day, a silent majority of players move through our casinos. They're not demanding. Most of them are your regulars. They're probably regulars next door, too. Some of them are kind of new. They don't feel a real relationship with your brand, yet. Maybe they eventually will, and maybe they won't. These folks are easygoing, low maintenance, and mostly unmanaged by the marketing team.

It's reality. We start at the top of the customer value chain, and work down. In between, we take care of the customers who know how to reach out and ask for what they want.

Casino Scouts helps you do more.

The Casino Scouts platform is the solution that we designed to address the need for a scalable, automated, effective real-time customer acquisition and engagement solution to manage the customer experience for those outside the reach of our service capacity.

Read Casino Scout's "One Night Story" for real world examples of this capability. We hope you're going to be as excited as we are about it.